Dominic "Dom" van der Gaard is a fictional character created and portrayed by Alex McFarlane.

He is an underworld mercenary and paid assassin, He protects his world and earth.

He is somewhat both a good guy (because he saves the world) and a bad guy (because of his appearance.)

Dom's main rivalry is with the mutants.

Mutants are evil, and serve as antagonists in the storyline.

Mutants are not always the main villian, though, Dom and his crew fights whoever he is asked to fight as well, such as spies, rival mercenaries, drug lords, assassins, corrupt agents, corrupt federal personal, among many others, for a large amount of money. So, he is, in a way, an assassin because he does jobs and gets paid for it.

"I'm back you pain in my ass..."

-Dom to Burke after travelling back to earth when he wakes up from his freezing pod on the Odekari Voyager.

Theme song Edit

The song is used as the theme song for Dom van der Gaard- Mutant Hunter02:59

The song is used as the theme song for Dom van der Gaard- Mutant Hunter.



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